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This project was first conceived when Brit singer/songwriter Deborah Joan Jones met Texas rock guitarist, producer, singer & songwriter David Zychek. With songs penned by Deborah and guitars by David they record and perform along with drummer Ronny Griffin, owner of Largemouth Recording Studio in Texas, where the band regularly record. 


The track Letting Go of You was written specifically for the album 'For The Beatless', by Kirk Tatom of Deep Blue Something (Breakfast At Tiffany's) when he was introduced to Stealing Wishes while working with David in 2011. Stealing Wishes proudly presented their debut album in July 2012. Since then the writing has continued and their sound developed further resulting in the album 'Rock & Roll SOS which was available for a limited time. The song 'Addicted To You'  from the album featured in a music video in September 2012. The album was released in October 2012. Stealing Wishes kicked off 2013 in style with the release of high energy single 'I Can't Wait To Turn You On Again'.

During September 2013 Stealing Wishes played a string of intimate acoustic dates in London, to promote the release of their single 'LA Don't Get Me'. The song was included on a CD presented with the September issue of Classic Rock's AOR publication. Along with this, David's album from his Airborne days was re-released on Rock Candy Records.

2014 saw Stealing Wishes release their brand new album, 'White Hot!' David Zychek was back in the studio recording a new album with rock hero Ted Nugent and on completion of this, Stealing Wishes continued work on the next album.

Classic Rock Magazine said, "The music they create together - melody-drenched, aching melodic rock - is so irresistible.". Stealing Wishes followed up this success by presenting their sophomore studio-album, 'Taste It Twice'.

Early 2015 saw the release of 'Taste It Twice', the stunningly electrifying sophomore album, and sadly the final release from this dynamic team. With strong interest from A&R at Universal Records, and with tours of the UK and USA planned to promote the eagerly awaitied new music, the momentum generated was halted by a serious health problem. Although he never admitted defeat, sadly in March of 2016 David Z lost his battle with cancer. In her grief from the loss of her best friend and music partner, Deborah stepped back from the music scene. She currently resides in Florida, USA with her family where she is a successful artist and writer at www.deborahjoanjones.com and still lives with music firmly taking centre stage in her work and her heart.

In 2018 friends and assosciates of Stealing Wishes, filmmakers Troy and Anna Shaw of Shawtime Productions, decided to create a tribute to their friend and well-loved Texas hero. The making of the music documentary Z: The Story of David Zychek contains interviews with a host of incredible talents including Ted Nugent, Brett Tuggle, Sammy Hagar, Beau Hill and many others who knew and loved him. After being invited to be involved in the documentary, Deborah finally made her return to music and is currently writing and recording new material.


There has seemingly always been a symbiotic, musical relationship between the musicians/songwriters of England and the great state of Texas - and it's no exception with Deborah Joan Jones, a classically trained vocalist and songwriter from London and David Zychek, a veteran rock guitarist/songwriter from Texas. This is their project - STEALING WISHES -  a brilliant collaboration of diverse musical forces. "I wanted to create a rock album of my songs and was looking for someone to work with. I had producers from other countries interested in collaborating, I heard David's earlier work on an album from his Airborne days when signed to Columbia and knew I'd found the person I wanted to work with"- "I fell in love with Deborah's songs" says Zychek, “and wanted to put a distinctive rock sound around her wonderful voice, lyrics and melodies." The resulting music is getting rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, with Classic Rock magazine writing,'Electrifying' and, 'The music they create together - melody-drenched, aching melodic rock - is so irresistible'.


Zychek has an impressive track record to date, being one of the most sought after rock guitarists most recently adding his imaginative guitar solos to the 2010 TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION cd, "ROLLIN" on Sony's CARVED Record label. He also assisted in the mastering of their first cd - PRIDE OF TEXAS. He has toured with NIGHT RANGER and worked with ACTIVISION - where David wrote the music for the game "Nitro Bike" and played all the guitars. He is also Stealing Wishes supporter,  TED NUGENT's 'go to guy' for recording services for the Texas based musician. David was in the band
“Airborne” and signed a major recording contract with Columbia Records and a management contract with Irving Azoff and Bob Buziak at Frontline Management. Another friend of Stealing Wishes, Keith Olsen produced their debut album in LA. In 2014 he worked on the making of Ted's new CD, 'Shut Up & Jam', engineering all the demo's, and as part of the album's recording production team.